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We have been working with award-winning Birmingham-based Glenn Howells Architects to devise a long-term vision for the neighbourhood, inspired by the history of the local area and building on the council's own ideas for how the River Rea could come to life.

Over 50% of the site is devoted to green and pedestrian space. The buildings are set around a mixture of public and private gardens, planted riverbanks and green pedestrian routes running across the site. The illustrative masterplan below shows how the site could be developed. Further information about the many elements included within the masterplan are included within Design proposals .

Warners Fields 3d visual detailing various buildings as part of the proposal
Warners Fields plan layout detailing various buildings as part of the proposal
Number 1 Graphic

Apollo Gardens

A riverside public park spanning both sides of the River Rea

Number 2 Graphic

Hurst Place

Residential building with workspace on the ground floor

Number 3 Graphic

Bankside East & West

Leisure & retail destinations on either side of the river

Number 4 Graphic

Apollo Square

A park designed for the residents of Warners Fields to relax and unwind

Number 5 Graphic

Henry Bradford Centre

A co-working hub with studio space

Number 6 Graphic

The Apollo Building

Flexible transport hub that will meet the immediate mobility needs of Warners Fields residents and businesses before being converted into a residential building

Number 7 Graphic

The Warner Building

One of several residential buildings to be included within Warners Fields. The Warners Building will include a café on the ground floor

Number 8 Graphic

The Moseley Building

29-storey residential block with 360 degree views across the city



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